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  • Zayna LaPube Penis Hunter #1

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    Will Zayna penetrate the secrets of the castle of Dr Dickula in her quest to find the perfect penis? And what terrible powers will she unleash if she finds it?

    Combining gothic horror, epic adventure, erotica, comedy, and the superhero genre; a story like this has never before been told! This co...

  • From Double Dementia

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    Now you can own your very own picture of Troma's Double Dementia!
    (Warning: not suitable for anyone 18 and under)

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    A basement full of mysterious keepsakes unlocks a series of short horror stories ranging from urban terror to childhood fables.

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    Hardbody is about a self-conscious scientist who creates a Frankenstein body for himself out of the body parts of body builders.
    Imagine the movie Re-Animator meets the Incredible Hulk comic by way of gym culture.