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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Where Trails Divide

New this Month – 59m

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  • Scream Baby Scream

    Directed by Joseph Adler
    Starring Ross Harris, Eugenie Wingate, Chris Martell

    A renowned abstract painter hides a deep, dark secret! If he happens to get you alone, our only advice to you is…SCREAM BABY SCREAM!
    A beautiful young woman falls in love with the famous artist and volunteers to be...

  • G I Executioner

    Directed by Joel M. Reed
    Starring Tom Keena, Victoria Racimo, Angelique Pettyjohn
    From the director of BLOODSUCKING FREAKS comes…THE G.I. EXECUTIONER is a non-stop action thriller set against the exotic locale of Southeast Asia. Torture, drugs mob war and a hail of bullets could not stop the G...

  • Cars 3

    Directed by Bobby Hacker
    Starring Travis Jones, Richard Bain, Tyler Jones

    A used car salesman must sell a Mercury Topaz within the hour- or the devil gets his soul! To achieve his goal and save himself, he’ll do whatever it takes. Even if it means pointing a gun at his customers’ heads!