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  • The Imitators

    Directed by Richie Winearls
    Starring Pancho Russel, David Doyle, Saltz Gary, Beadle Frances Lima, John Bushnell

    50th Street Films presents the groundbreaking English gangster film The Imitators, an award-winning independent feature by director Richie Winearls.
    A gritty, atmospheric tale of r...

  • Reel Horror

    Directed by Ross Hagen
    Starring Catherine Bach, Thalia Shire, Donald Pleasence

    Adrenaline-pumping scenes taken from clips, cuts, outtakes and trailers of the best in Hollywood horror!

  • Parts Of The Family

    Directed by Leon Paul De Bruyn
    Starring Cecilia Bergqvist, Bob Dougherty, Leo Franquet, Paul Houwen, Hugo Vanden Brmet, Willy Leus, Johanna Lesage, Leen Vandereycken, Norman Baert, John Idem, Bert Strouwen, Jaak Varbist, Geert Hoornaert, Bruno Vandebossche with LLOYD KAUFMAN as Carl Ressler