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Standards Of Living

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  • Ninja Pussycat

    Director: Hiroyuki Kawasaki
    Stars: Takahiro Nomura, Hiroyuki Kawasaki, Miyuki Konno

    1580. Ninja Kotaro gets killed by the evil Hattori Hanzo after he discovers that the local shogun and his son aren't related. It's up to Kotaro's nubile and innocent virginal daughter Kaede to exact revenge on...

  • The Glass Jungle

    Director: Joseph Merhi
    Stars: Laura Albert, Mark Brandon, Lee Canalito

    In LA, a madman is violently murdering the ladies of the night. And the only cop man tough enough to track this psycho down is no man. She must protect the prostitutes from the sleaze that threatens the very fabric of thei...

  • Cause Of Death

    Director: Philip J. Jones
    Stars: Michael Barak, Sydney Coale, Daniel Martine

    Colombian Drug Lord, Manuel Ramirez is called to Los Angeles to retrieve his millions in blood money after the unsuspected death of his brother. However, Ramirez realizes a trail of murder, sex and drugs follows him...