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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

The Sins Of The Children

New this Month – 1h 26m

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  • Street Beat

    I'll level with you, I can't find a damn thing on this movie.

  • Time Wars

    Directed by Ross Hagen
    Starring Ross Hagen, Maureen Boyle, Alex Galin, Hope North

    Join an ancient American Indian spirit as he guides young lovers through the past and present away from an evil force, and teaches them the secrets of love.

  • Witchcraft 3: The Kiss Of Death

    Directed by Rachel Feldman
    Starring Charles Solomon Jr., Lisa Toothman, Leana Hall, William Lewis Baker

    A warlock refuses to use his powers for evil, but comes across another warlock who isn’t bothered by such trivial matters. In fact, the evil warlock falls for the good warlock’s girlfriend...