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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Killer Yacht Party

New this Month – 1h 25m

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  • Killer Nerd

    Directed by Mark Steven Bosko, Wayne A. Harold
    Starring Toby Radloff, Shawna Baer, Teresa Bosko, Chip Cipriano, Nick DePofi, Heidi Lohr

    The Troma Team is proud to present KILLER NERD, a film that stands up for the little guy. It’s every jock’s greatest fear; the nerd you teased in high schoo...

  • Nerds Of A Feather

    Directed by Gary Graver
    Starring Mario Milano, Pat McCormick
    Filled with the fast-paced thrills of a 007 epic and the suave sophistication of a Pee Wee Herman adventure, this film takes the sacred, great all-American Nerd and puts him where he belongs – on a top secret spy mission.

  • Tomcat Angels

    Directed by Don Edmonds
    Starring Kerri Danesi, Craig Shoemaker, Daphne Rogers
    TOMCAT ANGELS combines the high-flying high-tech action of TOP GUN with the sexy, sizzling chaos of ANIMAL INSTINCTS. The beautiful Angels, highly trained fighter pilots, protect the free world while they practice lov...