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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Fresh Kill

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  • Evil Clutch

    Directed by Andreas Marfoni
    Starring Coralina C. Tassoni, Diego Ribon, Luciano Crovato, Elena Cantarone, Stefano Molinari

    EVIL CLUTCH is the story of a hideous monster who takes the form of a beautiful woman. In a torrent of unbelievable special effects, beauty and monstrosity transform into ...

  • Death Dancers

    Directed by Jason Holt
    Starring Deborah Dutch, Mitchell Scott, Jack Margolis, Lesley Morgan

    Shannon has a troubled past and a thirst for blood, getting revenge on the male species. Hot on her trail is Will (Mitchell Scott), an undercover cop who begins crawling through the sex world of bondag...

  • Mourning Wife

    Director: Daisuke Gotô
    Stars: Mayuko Sasaki, Keisaku Kimura, Yoshikata Matsuki

    Director Daisuke Goto, the master of the cinematic Pink Eiga, is back with this retelling of the classic film noir, The Postman Always Rings Twice. A married woman, tasked with running her handicapped husband's fai...