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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Fatty Drives The Bus

New this Month – 1h 22m

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  • Go To Hell!

    Directed by Michael J. Heagle
    Starring Jenny Bogosian, Paul Economon, Anthony Jewell, Liza Johannson, Jim Jorgensen, Christopher Slater, Raymond P. Whalen

    Dario Dare is an ex-pro-wrestling manager, now reporting on paranormal activities for the tabloid newspaper “The National Explainer,” inad...

  • Doomsday County

    Directed by Art Brainard, Shawn Haran, Joe Badiali and Steven Shea
    Starring Paul Petrus, Michael Santi, Paul Alessi

    In a town overrun with zombies, vampires, and a melting mad scientist with plans for an impending alien invasion, it’s up to a select few to try and keep order.

  • Crazed

    Directed by Istvan Ventilla
    Starring Catherine Bach, Leslie Caron, Ramon Bieri, Bruce Graziano, Allen Jaffe

    The Troma Team is proud to present Crazed, a spine-tingling suspense thriller that plunges into the darkest depths of dementia. Nicole (the legendary Leslie Caron, An American in Paris,...