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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Doomsday County

New this Month – 1h 22m

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  • Crazed

    Directed by Istvan Ventilla
    Starring Catherine Bach, Leslie Caron, Ramon Bieri, Bruce Graziano, Allen Jaffe

    The Troma Team is proud to present Crazed, a spine-tingling suspense thriller that plunges into the darkest depths of dementia. Nicole (the legendary Leslie Caron, An American in Paris,...

  • Eyes Of The Chameleon

    Directed by Ron Atkins
    Starring Lawrence Bucher, Robert Scott Howard, Garvin Lee
    A serial killer is loose in Vegas. Can Det. Lundi enact justice?

  • A Tale Of Two Sisters

    Director: Adam Rifkin
    Stars: Charlie Sheen, Peter Berg, Claudia Christian

    Two sisters reunite after not having seen each other for five years. While catching up on each others' lives, they relive childhood experiences, both good and Bad