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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Bath Salt Zombies

New this Month – 1h 10m

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  • I Need to Lose Ten Pounds!

    Director: Frankie Frain
    Stars: Meg Allen, John Armetage, Steven Borges

    A musical comedy about a fat young man incapable of losing weight.

  • Killing Twice

    Directed by Julian Lara
    Starring Julian Lara, Jose Manuel Gomen, Jesus Gallardo

    A monster possessed by the spirit of a biblical demon is on a killing spree in a high school. Julian and Calamator, the Deadhunters, must hunt and kill it. Their only choice: spending the night inside the buildi...

  • Not Another Mistake

    Directed by Anthony Maharaj
    Starring Richard Norton, Michael John Meyer, Wren T. Brown

    This move is about an Australian (Norton) turned American ex-Special Force Namn Vet whose daughter and wife is killed and he hits rock bottom. He is then recruited to finding some missing MIA’s at the form...