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New this Month
  • Homicide McLeod

    Homicide McLeod is the best gumshoe around and must rescue his father and stop a new kingpin from taking over the city.

  • Full Disclosure 1

    A soldier in the Secret Space Programme is being debriefed after his last space mission and reveals some dark secrets.

  • Full Disclosure 2

    A soldier in the Secret Space Programme is being debriefed after his last space mission and reveals some dark secrets.

  • Make your Own Damn Horror Film! Featuring Kane Hodder And Bill Mosley!

    Lloyd Kaufman travels to the distant land of Hampton Bay Long Island New York, to film a part in the horror movie "Old 37". While on set, not only did Lloyd interview the filmmakers to learn how they made a low budget movie with a big budget look; he also ran into the legendary horror film actors...

  • Monty Python Presents: A Liar's Autobiography At Comic-Con!

    At the New York Comic-Con (2011) Lloyd Kaufman moderated a Q&A panel for the directors and producers of "A Liar's Autobiography". A 3-D animated movie based on the autobiography of Graham Chapman, the deceased member of the comedy troupe "Monty Python" (of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" fame).

  • The Booming Baritone Behind The Toxic Avenger!

    Remember, he's not just another pretty face, he is also a lovely speaking voice! Watch (and learn) how the Toxic Avenger goes from sounding like a normal human in a rubber mask to heroic protector of Tromaville (and Japan for that brief time in the 80's).

  • An Artist's Guide To Film Financing With Bruce La Bruce!

    In 2014, Lloyd Kaufman was invited to the Fantaspoa Film Festival in Brazil. While there Lloyd had a chance to sit down and talk with legendary LGBT filmmaker Bruce La Bruce to talk about his work and how he manages to find funding.

  • Bowling For Kansas: School Sucks, So Make A Movie!

    Lloyd hosted the red carpet for the L.A. premiere of Kansas Bowling's film: "B.C. Butcher"!

    After the movie, there was a Q&A session.

  • Troma Talks To Canadian Master Of Horror David Cronenberg!

    David Cronenberg is a Canadian filmmaker and screenwriter best known for such movies as "Videodrome", "The Fly", and "A History Of Violence". He's one of the principal originators of what is commonly known as the "Body Horror" genre (a genre that explores people's fears of body transformation).

  • Make Your Own Damn Space Station For $150!

    Lloyd has traveled to the tropical land of Pennsylvania to go behind the scenes on the set of the new sci-fi thriller "Apocalypse Kiss". Now let's see what it takes to shoot an independent film...
    ... on a minuscule budget... in a warehouse... in the middle of winter...

  • Stan Lee: Working With Directors

    We spend so much time focusing on the project that we sometimes forget to treat people like human beings. So today, Stan "The Man" Lee (creator of Spider-man and the Fantastic Four) talks about his experiences working with directors and how a little respect can go a long way

  • Bloodbath In The House Of Kaufman!

    Lloyd Travels to the harsh and desolate suburbs of Pennsylvania for a role in Ted Moehring's movie "Bloodbath In The House Of Knives"!

  • A Lesson on CGI from Troma Digital Studios

    Lloyd Kaufman takes you on a magical, digitally enhanced journey through the halls of Troma Digital Studios, where the Troma Team is transported from Tromaville to the Third World Country of Yemen!

  • Independent Artists vs Corrupt Cartels

  • Troma's Shitstorm Teaser Trailer

  • Portal Man

    A nameless man must travel through dimensions and kill the same person over and over again.

  • SGT. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. Director's Commentary Track

    Directed by Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz
    Starring Rick Gianasi, Susan Byun, Bill Weeden,

    Fatal sushi, lethal chopsticks, and as American as violence! Directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, the Troma Guys who brought you The Toxic Avenger and Tromeo & Juliet, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. int...