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New this Month
  • My Bloody Banjo

    Director: Liam Regan
    Stars: James Hamer-Morton, Damian Morter, Dani Thompson

    Meet Peltzer Arbuckle, a meek and bullied office employee, humiliated by his megalomaniac boss, teasing colleagues and his cheating partner. Peltzer spends his days in misery, stuck in his own mundane, nightmarish r...


    DISCLAIMER: This movie is in Portuguese with English Subtitles.

    Director: Francisco Lacerda
    Stars: Rodrigo Bug, André Dias, Amarino França

    In the vein of Troma trash cult pieces and Italian rip-offs, comes an all new trash "disasterpiece". Dentes e Garras!(Fangs & Claws!) A drunk military ...

  • Cry Uncle

    Directed by John G. Avildsen
    Starring Allen Garfield, Madeleine Le Roux, Devin Goldenberg

    CRY UNCLE is the shocking tale about an eccentric millionaire, sex, the murdered mistress, sex, a part time country music man, more sex, and Jake, the suave debonair lover, poet, athlete and 262 lb. priv...

  • The Secret Of Dr Kildare

    Director: Harold S. Bucquet
    Stars: Lew Ayres, Lionel Barrymore, Lionel Atwill

    Dr. Gillespie's cancer has gotten worse, and to force him to take a rest instead of pursuing a sulfa-drug/pneumonia study, Kildare refuses to assist Gillespie, and instead accepts a case of hysterical blindness. Sh...

  • Fowl Play (Bet To Kill)

    Directed by Gus Trikonis
    Starring Ross Hagen, Nancy Kwan

    An American cowboy in the Philippines gets mixed up in cockfighting.

  • Foreplay!

    Directed by John G. Avildson, Bruce Malmouth, Robert McCarthy
    Starring Zero Mostel, Estelle Parsons, Jerry Orbach, Pat Paulson, George S. Irving

    The Troma Team is proud to present FOREPLAY, a hilarious three-part examination in the “science of sexology”. John G. Avildson (Academy Award winn...

  • Dragon Fury

    Directed by David Heavener
    Starring Richard Lynch, Robert Chapin

    With the forces of darkness at his side, Vestor has neutralized the only vaccine for the plague in order to extort the third world countries afflicted. Who will save the Third World?

  • Dragon Fury 2

    Directed by David Heavener
    Starring Robert Chapin, Mike Norris

    The fate of the world is once again at stake! When a demonic wizard vows to enslave the future, only a hero from the past can save the present from becoming history.

  • The Secret In The Attic

    Director: Minoru Inao (as Akira Fukamachi)
    Stars: Hotaru Hazuki, Kozue Ikeda, Seiji Nakamitsu

    A beautiful woman marries a wealthy man, who for years chose to be a bachelor in spite of numerous female suitors. At first the marriage is perfect; he's a loving husband and an enthusiastic lover. B...

  • Death To The Pee Wee Squad

    Directed by Neal Adams
    Starring Zea Adams, Jason Adams

    When Jason and Zeea are left home alone with Dad’s priceless invention, they form the ‘Pee-Wee Squad’ to protect it.

  • Dog Years

    Directed by Robert Loomis
    Starring R. Michael Caincross, Ted Parks, Veronica Loomis

    In the tradition of PULP FICTION and TRUE ROMANCE, DOG YEARS is an independent crime film with bit! Wally Newton (R. Michael Caincross) is typical rebellious 90’s kid whose closest friend is his Dalmatian “Nee...

  • Hollywood Zap

    Directed by David Cohen
    Starring Ben Frank, Ivan E. Roth, De Waldron, Neil Flanagan, Annie Gaybris, Claude Earl Jones, Chuck “Porky” Mitchell, Stan Ross, Helen Verbit

    What is the “Penultimate Punk Pounder?” – Find out in David Cohen’s HOLLYWOOD ZAP, a riotous, action-packed interactive comedy...

  • Silent But Deadly

    Directed by Larry Brown
    Starring Ed Morbius, Dallie Mohammed

    An international crisis looms as emotionally unstable and perhaps totally insane heads of state threaten to use poison gas warfare to settle their petty differences.

  • Endgame

    Directed by Joe D’ Amato
    Starring Al Cliver, Laura Gemser, George Eastman

    A telepathic mutant recruits a post-World War III TV game-show warrior to lead her band of mutants to safety.

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  • Bad Apples

  • Le Diamant des Demnes

  • Kingdom Rebels: The Passion Of The Kingdom Rebels