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New this Month
  • Rose and Viktor: No Mercy!

    Director: Moses
    Stars: Mercedes, Jim Schumacher

    After the breakup of his band, the world's greatest bassist becomes a drifting gun-for-hire. They call him VIKTOR (played by real life bassist Jim Schumacher). As fate conspires, he crosses paths with a teenage runaway with a split personality,...

  • Gutboy: A Badtime Story

    Director: Nick Grant
    Stars: Megan Rosen, MaryBeth Schroeder

    A flayed man teams up with a vengeful mermaid to prank the corrupt forces of law, order and the free market... to death.

  • Meathook Massacre

    Director: Dustin Ferguson
    Stars: Danielle Brookshire, Robert Lankford, Breana Mitchell

    3 young women encounter car trouble on the way to a Dragonsclaw concert during a rainstorm. They are forced to go seek help, where one by bloody one they are attacked by a masked maniac and hung on meathook...

  • Die Sister Die!

    Director: Dustin Ferguson
    Stars: Jennii Caroline, Brandyn Christians, Desiree Folsom

    Edward (Jeff Hoover) is tired of the "allowance" granted him by his older sister, Amanda (Brinke Stevens) and becomes impatient for her death, and his part of Father's inheritance. Amanda has suffered from t...

  • The Deviants

    Directed by John Mikulak
    Starring Nick Stavrides, Matthew Healy, Matthew Myers, Jennifer Masser, Muire Dougherty

    The year is 1994 somewhere in Northeastern Pennsylvania. “What do you say fellas…ready to blast off?” Words to live by, according to six blissfully reckless friends who come toge...

  • The Stranger

    Director: Orson Welles
    Stars: Orson Welles, Edward G. Robinson, Loretta Young

    An investigator from the War Crimes Commission travels to Connecticut to find an infamous Nazi.

  • Eye Of The Serpent

    Directed by Ricardo Jaques Gale
    Starring Chuck Mavich, David Michael Sterling, Diana Frank, Lenore Andriel

    Medieval swords clash and maces entwine in this action packed story of two perpetually feuding sisters. Their common goal is capturing the elusive Eyes Of The Serpent, two swords that wh...

  • Hitch-hike

    Director: Ainosuke Shibata
    Stars: Miyuki Yokoyama, Hiroaki Kawatsure, Shôichi Matsuda

    The brutal Yoshio and his quiet young wife Saeko are on a road trip. Their drive takes a wrong turn when Yoshio decides to pick up a hitchhiker along the way. When the man reveals himself as a deranged bank ...

  • Wiseguys VS. Zombies!

    Directed by Toby Zoates
    Starring Adam Minarovich, William Palko

    The Sopranos meets Dawn of the Dead! Adam Minarovich and William Palko star as two hitmen who take on a horde of flesh eating redneck zombies in this horror/comedy hybrid from the producer of “Ankle Biters.” Freddy Six Times an...

  • The Wedding Party

    Directed by Brian DePalma
    Starring Robert DeNiro * Jill Clayburgh * Charles Pfluger

    Robert DeNiro (TAXI DRIVER, GOODFELLAS, CAPE FEAR) and Jill Clayburgh (FOOLS RUSH IN, GOING ALL THE WAY) sparkle in Brian DePalma’s (SCARFACE, THE UNTOUCHABLES, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE) witty comedic hit. Charlie a...

  • S&M Hunter

    Director: Shûji Kataoka
    Stars: Shirô Shimomoto, Hiromi Saotome, Yutaka Ikejima

    When the all-girl gang, The Bombers, kidnap a man to use as their personal sex slave, S&M Hunter accepts the mission to infiltrate The Bombers' hideout and show them the ropes.

  • Garden Of The Dead

    Directed by John Hayes
    Starring Philip Kenneally, Duncan McLeod, John Dennis

    Convicts on a chain gang sniff expermental formaldehyde fumes to get high. They attempt a prison break and are shot down by the guards. Buried in the prison garden, they rise from the dead, killing all in their pat...

  • Coons: Night of The Bandits of The Night

    Directed by Travis Irvine
    Starring Lehr Beidelschies, Brian Kamerer, Nick Maier, Zach Riedmaier, John Sarvas,
    Colin Scianamblo, Dan Velez, Tom Lyons, Alexander Raghuvir, Kasey Cooper

    The blood flows and the fur flies in Coons! Night of the Bandits of the Night from director Travis Irvine and...

  • Blood Hook

    Directed by Jim Mallon
    Starring Mark Jacobs, Lisa Jane Todd, Patrick Danz

    Welcome to the “Muskie Madness” fishing tournament. The local yokels are going insane and five students on vacation are in way over their heads. Peter’s friend falls hook, line and sinker for the sexy tournament hostess...